Free Energy Market: we move into the future together

The energy of your tomorrow is ready

Why join the Free Energy Market?

Besides negotiating contracts according to your consumption profile, it is possible to have savings of up to 30% in the invoice with security and quality in the supply.

Up to 30% savings per month
Companies can negotiate energy prices according to their profile. In this way, they can obtain more affordable prices than those practiced in the Captive Market.
Price negotiation
The amount of energy is determined according to the needs of each company and can be purchased from any trader or generator.
Supply security
Quality assurance: the physical supply of energy continues to be carried out by the electric system of the local distributor.
Energy from renewable sources
Reduction of environmental impact: possibility to contract energy from renewable sources, such as wind and biomass.
The future starts now

Free Market and Captive Market: understand the differences

Captive Market customers are bound to a utility company by a contract and are not free to purchase energy from other sources. Therefore, they have no negotiation margin.

In the Free Market, on the other hand, it is possible to negotiate prices, the amount of energy, the period and the supplier, as well as other conditions. This guarantees more advantageous contracts in accordance with the consumption profile of each company.

Free Market: What changes
Instead of a single invoice, as in the Captive Market, Free Market customers receive two, one for the energy purchased and another for the transmission of this energy. The advantage is in the cost and efficiency, since the company can contract energy at more competitive prices, since there is no obligation to buy from a single distributor.

UP TO 0%


Junte-se a mais de 600 unidades consumidoras!

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A more renewable and economical world

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is what you need to know about the free energy market, based on the questions we get asked the most.

How do I migrate to the Free Energy Market?
To migrate, you need to tell your energy distributor (who issues your electricity bill). They will inform you of everything you must do, including commercial and technical adjustments. In parallel, you will need to join the Electrical Energy Trading Chamber (CCEE) and buy energy in the free environment.
How do I know if my company can enter the Free Energy Market?
The current regulation allows that only consumers of medium and high voltage can migrate, provided their contracted demand is greater than or equal to 500 kW or that they congregate units under the same CNPJ root that, together, reach this demand.
If I migrate to the Free Energy Market will the quality of my energy change?
Both in the Captive Market, as in the Free Market, the responsible for transport and delivery of your energy continues to be the local distributor. Therefore, the migration does not impact the quality of energy.
Is it worth migrating to the Free Market Energy?
In the Free Market you can choose your energy supplier, the contracting period, negotiate the price and thus have economy and cost predictability. On average the consumers that went to the free market had a reduction in energy costs of 20% to 30%.

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